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The main components required by assembly workshop include plastic injection parts, Plastic embedded products and metal stamping parts totally produce in sub-components preparation workshop and doing byhigh technology and precise machines in this section.

Precise quality control is the main priority in the Manufacturing Section. It is a fact that quality of our final products is directly depended to sub-components quality. So, All the parts produced in this section should be checked by our specialist staff before send it out to assembly line. This system allows FRASSLI to manage the entire process as a unified whole, from the design of the most suitable die,through mold production and the accurate measurement inspection of molded products.




Dust-free printing workshop possesses specialist workers and high-technology printing & flat UV curing machines. Printing various functional signals of automotive switches is carefully doing in this section.









Assembly line layouts are designed to maximize efficiency and quality level of final products. Each process is doing by specialist worker according to assembly plan that individually designed for each productand constantly checking by QC staff during the process.