Environmental Initiatives

Environmental preservation initiatives

Through its actions based on ISO 14001 certified environmental management systems, FRASSLI – Fara Setaregan’eSepehr Lavazem’e Imen Co. (P.J.S) – works to improve environmental preservation efforts, and it actively considers ways of addressing global environmental problems across all aspects of its corporate activities.

Fundamental Environmental Philosophy

Based on the corporate concept of becoming “the world’s most trusted name in automotive human interface systems, controls and related products” every employee of FRASSLI is committed to preserving the global environment in all aspects of corporate activities.

Fundamental Environmental Policy

1.FRASSLI will maintain a close and constant watch on the impact of its business operations on the environment, and will strive to implement improvements to its environmental management systems.

2.FRASSLI will strive for continuous improvements to its pollution prevention systems. In particular, FRASSLI will :

A)promote the reuse and recycling of factory by-products to reduce the amount of landfill waste;
B)conserve energy and resources to prevent global warming; and
C)control and reduce the use of designated chemicals to prevent environmental pollution.

3.FRASSLI will strictly observe all national and local government environmental regulatory requirements and our voluntary environmental protection activities will reduce any impact on the environment.

4.FRASSLI will ensure compliance of its environmental management systems by setting environmental objectives and targets and performing periodic internal reviews and audits.